Mitsubishi Evo by July unlikely

All Mitsubishi fans were delighted when they got the hear about the Lancer Evo coming to India.

The car was expected to be launched by March, then got delayed and all thought it is coming by May. Finally many auto blogs reported of it coming in July.

Goa on Wheels have got news from our sources, that Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is unlikely by to be launched by July.
Some reasons citied

1)    Mitsubishi have recently launched the facelifted Outlander and the company has set an target to sell around 1000 cars in till September. So that means Mitsubishi is currently focusing on the Outlander and would prefer to delay the Lancer Evo.

2)    Mitsubishi have got some minor issues in regards to getting the car ready for India as they have not yet received the green signal from ARAI, there seems to some final checks to be done on the all wheel drive system which requires the engineers to fly to Japan for detailed testing.

3)    Mitsubishi is looking at authentic customers for the Lancer Evo and plans to give its customers an experience of the car on a real track in Chennai facility. As the track will be an in house facility and it is not ready yet so this may be one small reason for the delay.

Also Mitsubishi needs to ramp its  sales and service network and make available special equipment for providing service to for its new lineup.
We are a big  fan of Mitsubishi and love to see the new Lancer Evo on the Indian roads soon.