Mitsubishi to launch more models, Mirage hatch, Lancer possibly

Mitsubishi India has just launched their new product the Pajero Sport its first significant new model in India in over three years — the ‘Pajero Sport’ Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) — at Rs 23.53 lakh. Its Outlander was launched in 2008 and the 3 row, 7 seater launch is expected soon.

Mitsubishi India has set an ambitious target to sell around 5,000 units of the same. Initially imported from Japan as a fully-built model, HM-Mitsubishi are investing about Rs. 50 crore in setting up a new line at its plant near Chennai for local assembly of the Pajero Sport, after which the prices will be reduced, an official said.

Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors Corporation said it is exploring various options to enter the Indian small car market and may even consider going solo without the current partner Hindustan Motors for it. The Japanese car maker could be the next carmaker to join the burgeoning domestic small car market. A new model called ‘Mirage’ is being considered for India, which will go on sale next month in Thailand, powered by a 1.2-litre engine. For the highly competitive segment, which would require significantly larger investments, the Japanese firm may choose to go solo.

“We have a global hatchback, which is being unveiled this month in Thailand. We’re looking at the feasibility of bringing that to India and are considering both the sedan and the hatch versions,” Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan’s Executive Officer and Corporate General Manager of Asia and ASEAN, Mr Masahiko Ueki said.

“We need more sales outlets to generate volumes. We need a proper infrastructure. We need some more time to launch that car in India. We may invest in this by ourselves or with our partner.”

However the launch of the new small car and possibly the new Lancer is at-least 2-3 years from now.