Mitsubishi unveils 2013 Outlander in home

Mitsubishi Motors has unveiled the redesigned Outlander in its home turf. The 2013 Outlander has been showcased at the concluded Paris Motor Show and straightaway found the showrooms in some parts of Europe and Russia. It’s the first Mitsubishi vehicle to employ home-grown e-Assist technology. It comes with an array of safety features such as Forward Collision Mitigation System (FCM), Lane Departure Warning System (LDW), Hill Start Assist, Brake Assist, Auto stop and go and Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC).

As for the drive mode, multiple variants of petrol and diesel version accumulate 2WD and 4WD. The electronically controlled 4WD system uses three settings for relevant driving surfaces and an ECO mode optimises drive and fuel economy. In the option pack, S-AWC electronic system splits the torque range between the wheels thereby aiding vehicle handling and lessens body-roll.

With significant weight reduction of 100 – 110 kg combined with low drag coefficient of 0.33, the new crossover will be 15-22% frugal than its predecessor. The rear multi-link arrangement features redesigned arms and further reduced unsprung weight improves the ride. All models have a standard 18-inch alloy wheels and the sales target is 1.000 units per month for 2012 fiscal year.

The 2WD retains higher economy of 15.2 kmpl. The all-new, seven-seater is powered by 2.4-litre and 2.0-litre 4-cylinder 16-valve SOHC MIVEC engines for 2WD and 4WD models respectively mated to a CVT six speed ‘box with same level of performance as seen in the current DOHC engines. Two levels of engine trim for 2WD models with the base range 148 bhp and range-topping 170 bhp.  The four-wheel drive model gets variants in aplenty, all offerings with top-level performance and enhanced safety features in mind.

The new Outlander’s character lines impart a laid-back look to the body side and fresher front-end provides a clean and gutsy stance. The new Outlander is offered in six body colors. A new Copper Metallic finish, which combines a look of high quality and a touch of sportiness to impart a mature composure to the car’s appearance, joins Cosmic Blue Mica, Black Mica, Titanium Grey Metallic, Cool Silver Metallic and White Pearl.

As you step in, a gloss black instrument panel greets you, silver decorative accents for the switches and the use of soft-touch in dash is rewarding. Between the twin dials sits the Multi Information Display, which is a high-definition colour LCD. Second row seats are split 60:40 and third row 50:50 – with all of them folded, luggage compartment length is 1685 mm; 335 mm longer than its predecessor. The third row offers more legroom and is also wider. The most frequently used switches and controls are grouped in the center panel for optimum functionality.

The next destination for Outlander is to North America next summer. Mitsubishi confirmed in a statement that the Plug-in Hybrid version will debut first in Japan in early 2013 and U.S. in late 2013 or early 2014. This version of the Outlander will feature a 4WD system powered by electric motors. The price starts from 16.2 lakh and ends in 21.9 lakh as converted from Japanese currency Yen.

In India, Mitsubishi is expecting to firstly launch the small car, Mirage and in spite of having the facilities for localised production the Japanese car maker is taking its own time, probably in the second half of 2013 we might witness the coming of Outlander SUV. Here is the video link for the new Outlander unveiled at the Paris show: