Nepal: 352 Nano’s booked in 10 days

Tata Motor’s have been booked within ten days of its launch in Nepal which is the only market abroad after Sri Lanka where Nano is being sold. Nano standard cost Rs. 798,000 in Nepal and Rs. 500,000 (US$ 11,200) in Indian currency, is the cheapest car so far offered to Nepalese customers.

45% of the customers here favoured Tata Nano standard while 55% favoured Tata LX (higher cost with more facilities) and Nano CX (moderately high cost) cars, according to Sipradi Trading, the authorised distributor of Tata Nano in Nepal.

Besides, 35% customers booked the high priced Tata LX while 20% booked moderately priced Tata CX.

Some 8,000 queries have been made within two weeks by the customers, according to the Sipradi. The cars will be made available by the end of July to those who have booked the vehicles.

The Indian market also got a very good response initially but the mood turned down after a few fire incidents. We hope this engineering marvel does well in other markets.