Tata Carnival ends with customers happy & satisfied

The second day, of the Tata Carnival 15th April attracted a larger crowd compared to day one and the event continued with the same amount of zest and enthusiasm. Cars rolled in and out at the different stages of the check-up and at the end of the day the total number of cars had exceeded 200.

The facilities at the carnival were impressive with music shows, dance, games, cultural events that made the atmosphere lively. Some of the customers got their hands on other cars from Fiat and Tata. The customers were more than happy to test drive them and some of them even ended booking one.

The customers availing free check-up were showered with goodies from Tata, with some of the lucky customers even getting free service coupons in addition to availing discounts on labour charges, spare parts and accessories on their next visit to the showroom.

Most of the customers were satisfied with the event and were happy to be a part of the Tata family. They appreciated the initiative by the company and were happy with the overall experience with the goodies adding to their happiness.

The 2 day fun filled event came to a ceremonious end with dance performances by the employees and officials from Tata and a special dance performance organised by Vinsan Graphics. In addition to the dance the concluding ceremony also included conferring of mementos to the various employees as a token of appreciation for their work in offering good service to the customers.

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