New VW Touareg spotted in India

Barely after VW introduced the Touareg in India, the company is now looking to launch the all new Touareg in India. Overdrive images of the new Volkswagen Touareg on testing rounds in Pune.

The new Touareg gets the family look with the two chrome lines and large VW badge at the centre. The front bumper looks more aggressive and overall the SUV looks a bit larger and chunkier.

The Touareg will get diesel engine and will mostly be the V6 Tdi. According to Overdrive the new Touareg will be launched in August.

Internationally the Touareg is available in petrol, diesel and a hybrid version. We don’t expect the petrol variant to make it into India as the market is being inclined to diesels and we hope VW may launch the hybrid version.

Image Source: Overdrive