Polaris 4 Guna 4:Extreme off road event

Polaris 4 Guna 4 was organised by Xtreme Motor Sports Greater Noida. It is a motorsport event that brings the sporting action right into the heart of town. Exposes the enthusiast spectator and his loved ones to all the drama an extreme off road event can showcase without travelling great distances to spectate.

It allows the participants to discover the fun potential of their machines and a chance to experience a course designed with inputs from the best in the world as well as an opportunity to participate in the ultimate off road event in the world, the RFC. All of the above in a safe and controlled environment.

The 4WD vehicles and their drivers get an opportunity to exhibit their driving skills and their vehicle capabilities over a purpose built technical obstacle course.

The competition entails that the vehicles attempt nine different challenges laid out on the course while being timed through each of these. The driver and vehicle combination which takes the best approach and the least time is the winner.

The course design lends itself well towards testing the vehicles capabilities over the following parameters :



Engine Torque




Wading & fording

We hope to have such events in Goa. Mahindra has successfully conducted the Great Escape in Goa which has been huge hit for the company with increasing participation every year.

How many of you would participate if such events are held in GOA