Rally De Moto – It’s just the beginning

Rally De MotoRally DE Moto, a ride of beautiful machines cruising down the roads on Sunday 28th December. With a wonderful year coming to an end, this ride was planned to be cherished by all those who made to this rally and that is exactly what happened.

Rally DE Moto was organized by Osborn Fernandes and Gautam Amonkar (well that’s me) with the sole aim of getting likeminded people and groups to a common platform to share their ride, experience and love for their machines.

Rally DE Moto saw good participation from more than 20 bikes which included 2 BSA’s, Lambretta’s, Vijay Super, Yezdi’s, Jawa’s, Vespa and a Puch which purred back to life after a gap of 25 years. The Ride also saw a Mr. Menezes 82 years old who came specially to meet us and also share a candid moment with his Puch 175 and his plans to restore grounds up.

The ride began from Panjim with more than 8 bikers riding to South Goa, Margoa. We then assembled at SPGDA ground to meet the remaining participants and friends and a quick photoshoot. We were also joined by Mr. Olavo Desouza with his FIAT 1100 and Mr. Rohan Andrade with Standard Super 10, We then rode/drove to Colva Beach for the final photoshoot and discuss the big Idea.

The BIG IDEA of Rally De Moto

  1. Create a platform for likeminded people who own, restore, collect and have interest in vintages, classics and machines of the past
  2. To prevent sale of Goan bikes and cars from being sold to people outside Goa
  3. Preserve these beauties to be road worthy and see them running on our beautiful Goan roads
  4. To create a forum for easy buying of spares and access to expertise for restoration
  5. Organize more such rides
  6. Get ready for the BIG SHOW

In all the Rally DE Moto was very successful with riders enjoying every moment and reaching home back safety.

Rally DE Moto Pics – 1st update (Click on the link)