Renault unveils Duster, another model for India

Renault has unveiled the Duster mini SUV at the Motor Show in Buenos Aires. The Romanian “Duster” crossover features a new grille, alloy wheels painted in dark gray, upgraded all-wheel drive, and finalized the interior with different instrument panel and centre console.

In the near future sale of Renault Duster also begin in Jordan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Africa and Russia. Renault has officially confirmed the Duster for India, which will be launched in 2012.

Till date, the Renault Duster only adorned Dacia badges but with South America having no clue who Dacia is, the Renault badges were inevitable.

The mini SUV is based on the Logan platform and when launched will get similar power-trains with emphasis on the diesel engine with 85 horsepower. The Duster will have high local content which means prices will be very competitive.