Rs. 2 lakh off on old Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet is still in possession of some old Captiva’s which have remained unsold for quite some time now. The Updated Captiva which was launched 3 days back is available only with an automatic transmission and the manual variants will be available for sale only when the old stock is cleared.

Car sales have slumped in the last few months thanks to the depreciating rupee and weakening economy. The situation can be gauged by the fact that Chevrolet managed to sell only 88 Captiva’s in the March to May period, less than what it usually sells in a month. As a result of this, Chevrolet has not managed to clear the stock of old Captiva’s and as many as 140 Captiva’s lay unsold.

To get rid of these old Captiva’s Chevrolet is offering a discount of almost 2 lakh Rupees on the older manual variant of the Captiva. Good deal ha? Well the answer is both yes and no. Yes because the new Captiva is essentially the same car with the same mechanicals with changes to the styling and a newer engine. No because the updated Captiva looks much better and has more road presence and the changes to the styling and the new engine do make a difference. What remains to be seen is whether buyers will go for the old Captiva for 2 lakh less or will decide to wait for the updated version.

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