Škoda Fabia Monte Carlo

Škoda will introduce a new special model on the market. The Škoda Fabia Monte Carlo expands the offering of the Fabia model range. The tuned hatchback combines the emotions of the motor sport with the suitability for daily use that is typical for Škoda.

The Czech automobile brand has been active in motor sports for 110 years. The Škoda Fabia Monte Carlo points towards the successes in the sport that Škoda Auto has achieved for more than 100 years. The special edition, which was designed on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Škoda Motorsport, displays the sporty DNA it has inherited from the special racecar Škoda Fabia Super 2000.

On the occasion of the presentation of the car, Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland, the chairman of the board of Škoda Auto, declared: “The notably emotional design, sporty construction, and precise workmanship of the model Fabia Monte Carlo underscore Škoda’s claim to utilize experiences in series-produced models that it had first gained at the racetrack. The Fabia Monte Carlo is an emotional highlight in our compact Fabia model family.”

The equipment of the model Fabia Monte Carlo is based on the equipment version “Ambiente”. Of course, a sport suspension is part of the basic equipment. The performance of the gasoline and diesel engines covers a power range from 44 kW to 77 kW, depending on the specific market the car will be sold in. All performance versions will be offered with a manual 5-gear transmission.

Distinguishing features of the car are the plastic panels painted in black in the lower area of the car body, the roof and the rear mirror casing in black, the black grille, and the dark tinted headlights. The 16” Comet light alloy wheels are also provided with a black lacquer. The 17” light alloy wheels in the Trinity design are available as an option.

The colour range of the car was selected in consideration of the black colour of the roof, which is characteristic for the Monte Carlo version. Regarding the top coat, one can select from seven colours. The following colours are offered: corrida red, brilliant silver, black magic, candy white, anthracite gray, sprint yellow, and cappuccino beige.

The interior can be chosen in a black finish or as a combination of black with red inserts in the seats and door panels. Both versions come with a black headliner, sport seats, a small leather package (the steering wheel covered with perforated leather and red whipping), emergency brake lever and shifter collar – also stitched in red in case of the red interior – side steps and metal pedal covers.

The Rally Monte Carlo is always of particular significance for Škoda. There is no better-known race in the international rally scene. By now, the traditional event has been carried out in the mountains above Monaco for 100 years.

The special racecar Škoda Fabia Super 2000 was first introduced during the Monegasque rally in 2009. When it made its first appearance, it immediately achieved excellent results in its respective category: it placed fourth in 2009 and took the second, third, and fifth rank in 2010.

The Škoda 130 RS, one of the most successful cars in the 1300 cm³ class in the entire history of automobile sports, achieved a series of valuable trophies for Škoda, for example at the Rally Monte Carlo in 1977, when these cars won first and second place in their category.

In January 1936, two cars of the sport version of the roadster Škoda Popular ranked second and third in the 1500 cm³ class of the Rally Monte Carlo. Their performance, which had been proven in the grueling endurance race, inspired the car manufacturer in Mladá Boleslav to build 70 special models of the Popular Sport – even then, they allowed customers a special sports experience in daily traffic (to this day, they are referred to as the Popular “Monte Carlo”).

Sadly this car will not be launched in India