Skoda to launch Superb Ambition variant on 18th April

Skoda is planning to launch a lower price variant of the Superb sedan on the 18th of April. The Ambition variant will be the available only on the 1.8 TSFi petrol engine. The low coast variant was expected o be launched in December 2011 but Toyota Camry which will hit the roads by August, Skoda which is currently the leader in this segment plans to attract more customers with the new variant.

The cost-down variant is expected to come in with the 1.8 TSi and will be priced around Rs.17 Lakhs, i.e. 1.5 Lakhs cheaper than the existing entry-level variant. Skoda will be doing away with some of the less important features to bring down the price.

While the current entry-level variant is offered with dual-climate control and 6-airbags, Skoda may reduce the number of airbags and offer a basic air conditioning unit, to keep the price in check. The Skoda Superb is known for the rear seat comfort it offers, and that is one thing that will be a selling point even for the stripped down version. The reasonably priced superb should be launched by the year end.

We hope Skoda also launch a similar variant in the diesel engine which will could further boost the sales of Superb.