Super Cars/Bikes & Exotics in Goa

Super CarsBikes & Exotics in GOA

Super Cars/Bikes & Exotics in Goa, more popularly known as SCBEG, is a Facebook Page. Well actually, a lot more than a Facebook Page. It’s a whole world of automobiles which brings you some great pics of fast automobiles – Super cars, Super bikes, exotic cars, vintages, classics and a lot more.

We at SCBEG try our level best to satisfy the needs of the GOAN automobile lovers or any auto enthusiasts. We click and post pictures of the new super cars & bikes that have entered the town and post it on the page so that our fans get to see the best machines roaring on Goan roads.
We also accept images send by our diehard fans and followers who in-turn get full credit for their work.

And when it comes to Automobiles, News is the thing that spices up things a bit more. So keeping that in mind, we also bring you the latest news updates of the cars and the bikes that are going to enter Goa, or which are already in Goa. Thanks to for this bit.
It’s not that this page is for people in Goa only. Anyone can like this page, no offense!

If you are an Automobile fan, just like we are, and want to be updated with the latest pics& news, we are here for you.
So sit tight and enjoy the adventure. If you don’t believe us (I see no reason why you don’t), then you can just clarify your doubts on our official FB page Super Cars/Bikes & Exotics in Goa.

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We’re never offline. You might even find your pics at 12:00 midnight! So to be aware of what’s going around us, Like our Official Page and as said, sit tight because there’s a lot more to come!!!