Tata 407 completes 30 successful years in India, Celebrations held by Goa dealership

Tata 407 30 years celebrations (6)

Tata Motors LCV champion Tata 407 completes 30 years of pioneering the transport & logistics industry.

Ever since Tata Motors introduced the Tata 407 brand in India in 1986, the vehicle has been a huge success with sales picking up rapidly over the years and the introduction of new variants created a whole family on the 407 platform.

The Tata 407 became the first Indian pickup to successfully complete 30 years in India which has sold more than 500,000 units ever since its launch 1986.

Tata Motors has introduced a range of variants on the 407 truck platform which include the 407 Pickup Ex, SFC 407 TT, SFC 407 MFIP, SFC 407 HT, LPT 407 Ex, LPT 407 Ex2.

Addressing the gathering at a Tata Motors dealership in Goa, a Senior representative elaborated on how the Tata 407 completed 30 odd years in the Indian market which no other brand managed to do in India.

Back then the company had invested over Rs. 500 crores in the development of the vehicle, and as the years moved forward and looking at the demand, Tata motors redesigned the vehicle with more features and launched new variants on the same 4 tonne 407 platform.

He further spoke on how the market was managed by Japanese players who were operating in the Indian market and how Tata Motors felt the need to have a vehicle in the 4 tonne segment, so that the customer can deliver the goods or services at the lowest rate of the last customer.

Further Tata Motors added power steering and non power steering variants, twin tyre variants and LPT with power steering and Cabin chassis and LPK tipper and SK tipper variants.

Also during the 30 years in India, the company launched new variants and improvements keeping in mind the different needs of the customer, and for different applications there are different vehicles is desired, for shorter distance they have LPO and for a customer who needs longer distance they have LPT and the company had modified the vehicle on need basis to suit individual customer needs.

During the Occasion two customers were handed over the keys to their Tata 407 vehicle by Durga Motors, commercial vehicle dealer for Tata Motors North Goa.

Tata 407 30 years celebration