Tata Aria caught testing

While on our way back to Goa from Pune we caught the Tata Aria being tested on the NH4. We initially thought it was a routine test, mat to find more glitches in the car. But when we neared we saw in total 4 cars being tested, with all the badges removed except for the Tata logo  and had loads of testing equipment with wires all around.

So is Tata planning to launch a 4×2 version of the Tata Aria? This move will help to get more volumes and also make it more affordable with a direct competition to the Innova.

Or Is Tata testing the new the petrol engine, which will also power the Land Rovers in future? A more powerful Petrol version for those who need power and not fuel efficiency.

Or is Tata gearing to launch the Tata Aria in Europe, and doing the final rounds of testing as the company has announced its plan to launch the Aria in Europe at the Geneva motor show.