Tata Motors displays Tata Nano EV at Geneva Motor Show

Tata Motors presented at the 80th Geneva Motor Show the Tata Nano Electric Vehicle (EV), based on the award winning Tata Nano platform. When launched, it will expand the company’s electric vehicles portfolio, which already comprises the Tata Indica Vista EV.

The Tata Nano EV offers the practicality of a real car, compromising nothing in the pursuit of providing environment-friendly personal transportation for the modern consumer.

It will seat four individuals comfortably in its spacious interiors, which the Tata Nano is known for. It will have a predicted range of up to 160 km and an acceleration of 0-60 kmph in under 10 seconds.

Tata Motors continues its innovative approach with the Tata Nano EV, using super polymer lithium ion batteries, as in the Tata Indica Vista EV, which provide superior energy density to conventional batteries.

The company has already displayed the Tata Nano Europa at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, and expects to launch it in select European countries in a couple of years. Meanwhile, in India, the Tata Nano, now being delivered to the first 100,000 chosen customers, has received rave reviews.

It has won the 2010 ICOTY (Indian Car of the Year) Award, an award instituted jointly by six auto publications. It has also been individually declared as the Car of the Year by three other auto publications/television channels.

Source: Tata Motors