Tata Motors to up Nano capacity

Tata motors is looking fresh capacity for its small car Nano. The company which sold 509 units in November has steadily increased sales to 8,700 units plus in the coming months with the help of advertisements and promotions.

Currently the company is producing about 12,000 units a month in a double shift at the plant. The Sanand facility has a capacity to manufacture 2.5 lakh units annually, which can subsequently be increased to 5 lakh units per annum.

Once it hits peak capacity, the company would have to consider adding fresh capacity for the Nano to meet demand.

Tata motors is receiving over 1,10,000 enquiries for the Nano a month from across India and the company expects an increase in the number of first-time car buyers actually purchasing the Nano.

So why does Tata need more capaciy?

Firstly we feel that the Nano sales could cross more than 15,000 in the coming months as car prices are rising and so the fuel prices

Tata is readying the upgraded Nano which enhanced features

Tata Nano diesel, which could be the most fuel efficient car in India

Tata Nano CNG/LPG variants could also be launched

Tata Nano Europa, which is mainly a export model for Thailand and other Asean countries