Tata Nano from 509 to 6,401 units (November 10-11)

Its a new record for the small wonder Tata Nano. The car which sold only 509 units in November 2010 has reported sales of 6,401 units in the same month n 2011. The Nano which saw many ups and downs in 2010 is now getting close to the target which Tata Motors have set, that is 10,000 units per month.

The Nano has so far touched the 10K mark only once and it was expected the trend would continue. However in June and July the company cold mange to sell only a few 1,000 units.  One main reason is also the price hikes in petrol and the rising interest rates.

In the above chart we have tried to summarise the sales of the Tata Nano right from the start till Nov 2011. We can see how the sales seen big drops after posting high numbers.

With the new 2012 Nano launched, Tata may certainly see the numbers growing. The new 2012 Nano gets a host of new features which includes new colours, power upgrade and refreshing interiors just to name a few.

Well its too early to say if Nano can cross the 25,000 units mark which the company had set an target when the car was launched in 2009.

Tata Nano is going to face stiff competition as India’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki plans to launch smaller 600cc cars in India. Tata is also planning to launch the diesel Nano and will be showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo. The car is expected to be launched in March and as per sources it will return a mileage of 40 km to a litre.