Tata Nano Plus coming soon, diesel in 2012

Tata Motors is planning to launch a upgraded version of the small wonder the Nano and will be christened Plus.

The Nano Plus swill get minor upgrades and will Tata to sell more numbers of the small car.

From our sources the Nano Plus will get the following features:

  • Enhanced upholstered and cushioned seats
  • New Interior Colour Combination
  • Anti Roll Bar for better stability
  • New Exterior Colour
  • Audio system

Tata had displayed the Nano Plus concept at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo.

The Nano Diesel is expected to hit the market by March 2012 and the features like Power Steering and Rear Hatch will be incorporated in the new Nano variants which mat be launched by March 2012 along with the diesel heart.

We hope Tata also works on the engine and insulation to make the car even more safer. A good & innovative marketing campaign to highlight the features of the Nano could help further to revive sales.

Source: A fan who wished not to be named & TeamBPH

Image Source: Business week