The VW Jetta and Maruti Suzuki Swift to be launched tomorrow

17th August is big day for two big companies Maruti Suzuki which will launch the all new Swift and Volkswagen India which too will launch the all new Jetta.

Both the companies had joined hand is 2010 two find synergies which would help the two companies to develop new products and technologies.

The all new Swift will be launched with the 1.2 K-Series engine with power upped to 87 Ps thanks to the new VVT technology, while the 1.3 Multjet, a favourite amongst the diesel hatchback will get the same specs.

The VW Jetta will be launched initially only with a diesel engine option and will come with a host of features like the previous model. Expect the price to be upped as compared to old model and will get the new family look.

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