Toyota to launch Prius

Toyota has decided to launch the Prius there by January 2010. After first being showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo in Delhi, the Prius will be available for purchase at Toyota showrooms.

The Prius is a standalone hybrid car, which seamlessly integrates an electric motor that is powered by a Lithium-ion battery pack and a regular gasoline engine using Toyota’s proprietary Hybrid Synergy Drive system.

The car is likely to be imported in the CBU (completely built unit) form from Japan and marketed in India. It is an extremely low emission vehicle and it is expected to help Toyota make a statement regarding its environment-friendly technologies.

Toyota sources feel that though the car will be launched in January, its availability will be limited due to heavy demand from buyers in markets such as the US and Japan.

Toyota has carried forward its hybrid technology into its other cars such as the Camry and the Crown. Speaking about the possibility of carrying forward its hybrid technology into the new small car, Mr. Okamoto said that at this moment, the company is considering a hybrid in the small car too.

Source: Hindu Business Line