Vespa plans mass market scooter, Motocyles for India

Piaggio made its official entry in the Indian market with the launch of the Vespa LX 125 in the Indian market. The scooter commands a premium and is priced on the higher end. The company claims one will have to pay a premium for a premium product.

In its third time coming, Vespa is launched under its original Italian owner Piaggio in India. The Italian two-wheeler maker has ambitious plans for the Indian market. Besides more products under the Vespa brand the company also plans to introduce the Moto Guzzi motorcycle brand for the Indian market.

Piaggio has already introduced the Aprilia make in India. Aprilia has a product range spanning 50cc scooters to top-performing 1,200cc motorcycles and has won 43 World Speed and Motocross Championships in less than twenty years. The Aprilia will help the company to establish its name in the niche superbike segment to take on the likes of Ducati and BMW.

Piaggio also plans to launch a mass market scooter in the Indian market which will help the company to reach the masses. The likely chances are launching of a 100cc scooter.

Piaggio has set-up a plant at Baramati with 150,000 capacity at a investment of 32 million Euros and plans to double the capacity to 300,000 by 2013 with an additional investment of 20 million Euros.

Piaggio owns more than 8 brands. As the market grows we could see more and more brands from the Italian two wheeler maker launch in India.