Volkswagen to support Ministry of Tourism’s ‘Clean India’ campaign

Volkswagen, Europe’s largest passenger car manufacturer had launched its Think Blue. campaign in India in March last year. Keeping in line with this pledge, Volkswagen has undertaken many initiatives to keep Indian cities clean and green following the introduction of this campaign.

The biggest step so far comes now with the association with the Ministry of Tourism’s ‘Clean India’ campaign. Volkswagen will be supporting the government in its initiative to keep India cleaner and greener. The inauguration of this campaign will be held at India Gate, New Delhi today at 18:00 hrs.

On the occasion of the inauguration of this campaign Mr. Neeraj Garg, Member of Board & Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. said “ Ever since the launch of our Think Blue. campaign in India we have been initiating numerous cleaning drives, campaigns to plant more trees and to stop littering our surroundings by creating art pieces from the scrap that people throw.”

“Today, he added we have taken another step in order to encourage more people to pledge towards a cleaner India by supporting the Ministry of Tourism’s campaign of ‘Clean India’.  It is an honour to be able to work together with the Indian Government towards fulfilling our pledge to Think Blue. for a beautiful India.”

About Think Blue. campaign:

It is a firm feature of Volkswagen Brand’s ecologically sustainable activities. Volkswagen connects innovation and responsibility for the environment by acting as a unit. While the Brand stands on three main pillars of Valuable, Innovative and Responsible, Think Blue. stands on the pillars of ‘Solution, Individual Behaviour and Involvement.’

The key contributors to the Think Blue. credibility mindset is the Brand’s low emission, fuel saving products under the umbrella brand of BlueMotion Technologies.  BlueMotion Technologies is a range of innovations and refinements that help save fuel and money without taking the fun out of driving.