What is VW Blue Motion Technology

Volkswagen India is going to launch the new Passat on the 29th March and it will come with engines featuring VW’s latest Blue Motion Technology.

So What exactly is Blue Motion Technology???

BlueMotion isn’t just a single technology. It’s a whole range of innovations and refinements that help you save fuel and money, without taking the fun out of driving.

BlueMotion Technologies represent the cleanest, most energy-efficient cars in our range. So when you see this logo you’ll know we’re talking about ways to cut your emissions and driving costs.

Bluemotion Technology is basically a series of innovations specially geared towards conserving energy and reducing fuel costs without compromising your driving pleasure.

It includes:

Powerful TSI and the high-torque diesel TDI engines which, ensure outstanding fuel consumption and fewer pollutants without compromising on pure driving pleasure.

DSG gear box, which offers the convenience of an automatic with higher performance and increased fuel efficiency.

Modified engine management software that makes engines run even more efficiently, reduce the engine idle speed so you emit less C02 and use less fuel.

The innovative start/stop system turns the engine off when you’re idling in traffic and restarts it when you’re ready to move.

Source: VW UK

Image source: Cars of the World