What on earth is parallel parking?

Earlier in life driving a car used to be much simpler. With around ten cars in the entire city, parking was never an issue. Today the scene is all changed. We realize that moving with a car in a city requires much more skill then just having a driver’s license! It requires specialization in “parking”.

Firstly during the peak hours getting a sweet spot to park where you desire is a task, on top of it if you manage to find one, parking is yet another headache.

But this skill can be learnt. And believe me, its not so difficult! Only pre-requisites are a little road experience and some patience.

Triangular parking is when we have to station the car at an angle to the edge of the road, so naturally parallel parking means parking parallel to the road.

When parking, remember first to check if it’s an official place to park. In cities the cops act quickly, and are way quicker in issuing challans!

As the topic suggests we will concentrate on parallel parking.

It’s something similar to finding a spot like this one shown in the figure:

To, your car fitting perfectly into the tight spot like this:

You can find a detailed tutorial on parallel parking tutorial.

I have tried this method in many places and works exceptionally well. Its much better than the conventional method of diving into the spot with the nose of your car entering the spot first. Try it out guys and get better at parking than the people next door. All the best!

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