Worlds smallest eBike:The Moosshiqk by Santosh

One must have seen a small cycle, tri-cycle and said this is the smallest set of wheels they have seen. But have you ever seen a electric bike which just a few centimetres big? Yes I mean a few centimetres.

Well Santosh from Mysore who is mad about bikes went on to invent the smallest electric ever made in the word and which can travel at a decent speed of 20kmph and can one full adult who weighs upto 70kgs.

They say size does matter but if your name is one Santhosh then maybe it doesn’t. Mr. Santhosh who happens to hold two Limca world records has made Moosshiqk, a unique bike which as you can see is so small that you can pack it in your laptop bag and go to office. It is capable of carrying a 62kg person for 15 minutes at a speed of 15km/hr.

The top speed of this bike is approximately 7.5 – 9.3 mph with a payload of 154.3 lbs and production of this bike cost Santosh Rs. 12,000/.

He has fabricated a lot the parts himself including the handlebar and the frame; other parts like the wheels have been taken over from cycles and e-bikes. The bike also features a back brake and can also be fitted with indicators, headlamps and other electrical at the cost of battery life.

So here are some questions thrown at the bike builder.

What was your inspiration in producing the bike?

From my kid days I am love with bikes and its repair, because my father had passion about bikes and repair,when I was a kid I would like to ride small bikes but its not possible because I am from a middle class family and its.not affordable.

What is the maximum distance it can cover with a person?

We heaved tested for 15 minutes ride.

What is the general opinion of the public about this bike?

How to sit on the bike!

Where were the various parts of the bike acquired from, did you manufacture them yourself or otherwise?

Sum pars like frame, handlebar, and some parts fabricated, some parts from cycle and some from e-bikes

A little information on your bike building history.

I have done two other kid bikes using Sunny engines.

Anything you may want to add?

MOOSSHIQK (MOSHIKE) ITS drown from Sanskrit it means mouse.