2013 Tata Nano caught testing.Is this the 800cc Nano with Front engine layout?

The Nano since inception has always been a hot topic for various reasons. The Nano may have not been a sales success as per the initial targets set but the company is not sitting calm and is working on a strategy to completely revamp the Nano brand.

Tata Motors launched the Nano 2012 which saw addition of new features, interior upholstery and 12 exterior colour options. Come 2013, the company plans to launch new variants of the Nano.

Thanks to our friends at Motorbash, who have share new images of the Nano which are very different from the previous spy pics. The test mule was caught testing in Pune features:

  • Larger front bumper with air damps and wider grille
  • Completely re-designed rear bumper which rounded at the bottom
  • There is small opening at the rear which is also covered with the number plate
  • Exhaust tail pipe is moved from the centre to the left

These changes suggest the Nano may get a front engine, but we are skeptical of the same as this will require a very big engineering change in design and driveline layout. There could be a possibility of Tata re-engineering the cooling system with air damps in the front bumpers.

Other variants of the Nano include a CNG fuel option, a diesel heart and a 2013 refresh model.

We hope the Nano does come with host of new features and improved reliability making it’s the real people cars.

Image Source: Motorbash