Audi Q3 caught testing, also see which SUVs compete

It seems, Audi isn’t really bothered about auto-buffs clicking away at their test mules, as the Audi Q3 was yet again caught testing in India. The mini SUV has been doing rounds of Mumbai for a couple of months now, and is expected to be launched at the Auto Expo next month. The car barely has any camouflaging on it, and is regularly spotted by enthusiasts in Mumbai.  One such instance being today itself, when Goa On Wheels spotted it undergoing regular testing. It was accompanied by the new A4 which also didn’t have any badges on, and to our surprise carried a smashed rear bumper!

The Audi Q3 created a lot of buzz on the internet; with its “Cheapest Audi ever” tagline and was all set for a Shanghai Auto Show launch. However, after some official renders and teaser images; the company decided to expose it ahead of its official auto show debut. The mini SUV, which is expected to be launched in India at the 2012 Auto Expo, is primarily conceived to take on the BMW X1 and is expected to be priced under the 25 Lakh rupee price bracket.

The Q3 shares its platform with the Volkswagen Tiguan and is likely to be launched in a four wheel drive variant, unlike its counterpart rival the X1.The mini- Audi will use the same 2 litre diesel motor which currently power’s the A4/Jetta/Passat, and will be mated to a 6-Speed Automatic transmission system.

For the A4, we reckon it’s more of a cosmetic upgrade and will come with the current specifications itself. We have done a complete report on it already, so we wouldn’t be putting much stress on that.  Refer to this link, if the A4 is what you have your eyes on:

A look at the competition:


The BMW X1 has been around for a couple of months, and has been doing fairly well in the market. The X1 is currently the cheapest BMW on sale, and offers a great combination of luxury and driving pleasure. The mini SUV currently lacks an All-Wheel drive system, and with that we can expect the Q3 to have a great advantage over it.  Expect a full report to find out who wins, soon. The X1 is available with both petrol and diesel engine options.

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Renault Koleos

The Renault Koleos, mades its debut on the India shore recently. The Koleos offers a great list of features and is currently one of the best looking soft roaders available, but the wafer-thin dealership network plays a spoil sport when it comes to sales figures. The Q3 surely is the better car here, but if you are not too fussy about the Renault badge, the Koleos makes a great overall package.

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Toyota Fortuner:

The Fortuner has been a great success since its launch back in 2010. It is also the current segment leader which makes it one of the biggest challengers to the Q3. The Q3 is a much better car, if compared to the Fortuner. However, the big stance of the Fortuner makes it an ideal choice for off-roading as compared to the Q3. The current Fortuner will be replaced by a facelifted variant during the Auto Expo next month.

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