Bentley Continental GT Speed launched in India

Bentley Continental GT Speed 1

Exclusive Motors launched the Bentley Continental GT Speed in the Indian market. The handcrafted luxury coupe is the fastest four seater sports car in the world with a top speed of 329 km/h (205 mph).

The new Continental GTS is powered by a W12 engine, with peak power of 625 PS and whopping torque of 800Nm, accelerates the car from 0-60mph in just 4 seconds. Fed by twin-turbochargers, power is driven through the new 8 speed transmission to all four wheels and the W12 engine offers a full spectrum of performance from whisper quite cruise to snarling full throttle acceleration.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed employs a central Torsen differential, which taps the harnesses the phenomenal power and torque of the car and ensures high levels of grip and stability win all road or weather conditions.

The new GT Speed delivers lower emissions and 13% better fuel economy than its predecessor without any compromise on refinement or efficiency.

The exteriors boast darkened grille and front bumper intakes, 21″ wheels and lowered suspension. The hand-trimmed steering wheel can be adjusted precisely to your reach and shoulder height; the paddle-shift falls easily to hand. And for longer journeys, you will find all the incidental details of switches, touchscreen, stowage and ergonomics make the GT Speed a true grand tourer: relaxing, comfortable and confidence-inspiring.

The infotainment system features Bentley’s latest software upgrades, including refinements such as point of interest mapping, optional satellite landscape imagery, live traffic data and, where supported, digital radio. At its heart is a 30GB hard drive, which offers up to 15GB of storage space for music as well as a continent’s-worth of mapping data.