Interview with Regnar Fernendes, Owner / Founder of Regnex Customz

Regnar Fernendes Regnex Customz

Regnex Customz, a venture, initially born out of pure passion and recognition, requires no much of an introduction today.

GoaOnWheels team visited this unique workshop and spent a few hours to know more on how Regnar put this passion into a full time profession, rendering custom solutions to the auto enthusiasts.


Q: Can you brief about yourself and when did your love for automobiles begin?

In my family, we all grew up with the technical background right from a very young age. My father is an ace mechanic who is Factory trained for numerous big marine engine brands. It is from him I’ve gained a lot of technical know-how and hands-on experience and exposure at a very early age.

I’ve been searching for the right call to start a business and it took me almost a decade to know what I really wanted to do. During this phase I kept myself busy in various other activities. After completing my graduation in Vocational Electronics, I continued with the Mechanical Engineering course in Government Polytechnic College, and also ran a personally owned Cyber café for 8 years where I used to service and repair computer systems. Further, I went on to join my father in Nigeria as Planning/Scheduling Engineer for Exxon Mobil.

Not being satisfied with what I was doing, 5 years down the lane, I decided to return back to Goa and pursue what my heart really desired for- Cars & Bikes.

My love for automobiles began right from my kinder-garden days, where I used to collet die-cast models of cars to play. I learnt to ride at a tender age of 11 and drove my first car at 13. This fascination for automobiles has amplified tremendously till date and will continue to amplify in the years to come.

Q: When did the first spark for Regnex ignite in your mind?

Well, it all started while I was customizing my own cars and few close friends began taking interest in it and hence gave me the opportunity as well as freedom to do the same on their vehicles. If I could put it in the right words “Regnex was a bomb waiting to explode”, since a long-long time, but I had no clue as to what the reaction of Goan public would be to it, the dilemma that every individual goes through, while starting something new and different.

Q: All have to work hard to get success, as the saying goes: No Gain without any Pain. Can you share some of the tough moments you had while starting Regnex?

Lack of Manpower is one of the major issues that I face till date. One can’t understand why it is so difficult in Goa. It is sad that the major chunk of today’s young generation tends to resort to going abroad or opt for white collar jobs where they wouldn’t want to get their hands dirty.

Q: Which vehicles do you you currently own? Do you experiment on them to showcase your skills?

I first owned a Ford Fiesta, than a second hand Mitsubishi lancer which I completely customized with the help of a very close friend from Mumbai. My latest collection includes, a 1991 Contessa Classic which is getting ready to hit the roads soon. I even owned a Daewoo Matiz, which featured a complete makeover and body kit.

As for the bikes, I was the first to purchase a Hero Honda CBZ launched in 1999. The model was one of the official bikes of the 1999 cricket world cup, England. I also own a customized Bajaj avenger.

Yes, I do experiment on my cars and bikes as they serve as a good base for me to try out something different every-time.

Q: Can you name the best top 5 projects you have handled till date.

It would be unfair to rate my own work as I put in the best efforts in all my Projects. But if I am asked to list out my toughest projects till date, it would be:

  • Harley Davidson
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Jawa 250
  • Maruti Esteem – Monster Energy
  • KTM Duke 200

The list would go on and on, including few current projects, namely Baleno, Lancer and OHC Honda City.

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Q : Which is the most difficult customization carried out by you? Can you throw some light on Air brushing as it involves a large amount of time and complexity?

My previous answer lists down the most challenging projects handled till date. As for airbrushing, it’s a completely different world wherein there is no limit to creativity. For every masterpiece you come up with, if you spend little more time looking at it when it’s done, you feel you can still go more further and make it better. There are no limits.

Q: Which are the dream machines you would love to possess? Will it go under the Regnex hammer to further accentuate the looks?

I’ve always loved the Toyota Hilux, one of the world’s most versatile compact pick-up truck with a reputation for exceptional sturdiness and reliability. It is often referred to as “The Indestructible Truck”. One of the reason to choose a pickup truck rather than a sports car or an SUV it the ability to go places and not worry what you’re packing.

My sports car choice would definitely be the Mitsubishi EVO X which does have a very mean reputation and needs no introduction.

Q : Any advice for the car & bike enthusiasts?

My only advice to individuals wanting to customize their car or bike is to take time in deciding what you really want to do and how you would go about. When we customize our vehicles, we have a list of preferences displayed on them, that’s what matters the most. One should remember that the vehicle you own, defines you and your character, hence the modification should happen accordingly.

Also, such projects, involve lot of money, as the customization is not cheap. So, if you want to do something to your vehicle, set your budget at a very initial stage and start saving for it.  Drop by once you are ready and we’re sure to make your dreams a reality.

Thank you