BMW to launch new 5 Series on 30th April

BMW has advanced the launch of its new sedan the 5 Series a couple of months. BMW new 5 Series   was to be launched in the last week of June/early-July has now been brought forward to the end of this month in reaction to the success of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class and dwindling sales of the current 5 Series.

With rival Mercedes taking the lead with its fresh E-class and the outgoing 5-series selling with heavy discounts, BMW was keen to bring the new model as quickly as possible. BMW has re-jigged the assembly line of its Chennai plant and shipped knocked down kits in record time, to build the new 5-series ahead of schedule.

Initially, BMW might offer two engines – the twin-turbo 535i petrol with 306 bhp and the 530d common rail diesel with around 240 bhp. More engine variants are expected later, including the entry level 520d and smaller six-cylinder petrol models like the 523i and 528i later.