“Click a Nano” photo contest

Click-A-Nano’ Photo Contest

Here’s a contest for all shutter bugs. Photograph a Nano in an interesting environment. Contestants can send photographs of Nano(s) in the backdrop of snow-capped Himalayas to the sunny beaches of Goa. For the urban trendy, you can snap up a Nano on a busy street against the might of a double decker bus or even a Nano racing a ferrari.

And for those family guys & girls, send a family picture, house, dog, grandparents and Nano.

Slice of life pictures are welcome too. See a Nano parked in a funny position… go click! Students can share their happy moments and celebrations with the Nano. For lovebirds, how about spotting a bribe & groom driving a Nano with a “Just Married” signboard?

Go ahead take a shot! Make your own scenario, pose with a Nano, feel like a superstar!

To participate & win exciting mega prizes, send your entries by email to tatanano@tatamotors.com with subject ‘Click-A-Nano’ Contest’.

Contest closes 30th June 2010.