GEARS Independence day ride….

Once more, the time has come to ride together and have a great time in the presence of like-minded people!

However, this time we have a MISSION!
In true patriotic spirit, we are going to underline our event with a visit to the Martyrs’ Memorial at Patradevi near the Goa – Maharashtra border.

The grand martyrs’ memorial erected at Patradevi in Pernem is a tribute to numerous freedom fighters who laid down their lives for our country. This memorial was dedicated to the nation by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on December 19, 1985.

Please get a flag along to mount on your ride and proudly express your solidarity with the nation.

We are expecting media coverage this time around, so be sure to be part of this historic event!
If you have a GEARS t-shirt and stickers, this would be the best time to show them off 🙂

The tentative schedule is as follows:

12:00 PM (Noon) – Riders will meet at the KTC Bus Terminus in Panjim opposite the Heera (Indian Oil) fuel station.

12:30 PM – Riders from Panjim will rendezvous with members from and aroundPorvorim opposite the Bharat Petroleum fuel station in Porvorim.

12:45 PM – Short stop to add members from and around Mapusa to our group.

The total riding distance from Panjim to Patradevi is approximately 50 km and taking into account our stops and group riding, we should reach our destination at around 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM, which will be perfect to pay our respects at the memorial and for some down-time to chill out and network with other members, not to mention get some great photos too!

Please have a good breakfast/brunch/lunch before you leave home since there will be only a few stops for short periods of time until we reach Patradevi.

We will set out from Patradevi to return back to Panjim at approximately 3:30 PM to reach by 5:00 PM.

We understand that some members may have prior commitments to keep that day, so we will have a special short-ride from the Panjim to Miramar via the Bambolim/ Dona Paula/ Goa University route for them. We are scheduling a stop at the Panjim KTC Bus Terminus at around 5:00 PM on our way back from Patradevi to rendezvous with these GEARheads.

Riders can opt to stay back with their counterparts in Miramar to relax, grab a bite and engage in some spirited conversation once we get there. You may also ask your family and friends to join us at Miramar at about 6:00 PM!


This event is open to all riders, Male AND Female, as long as you have a valid License for your vehicle that day. If you wish to participate, you will have to download, print, complete and submit an Indemnity Form on the event day. This form is available as a Document on our Facebook group page.

Wearing a helmet is the MINIMUM safety requirement and if you have a pillion/passenger rider, they should have a helmet of their own too.
If any individual without a helmet is present, they cannot join us on this ride.

The more riding gear / rain gear you wear, the safer and more comfortable your riding experience will be since there is a likely possibility of riding in the rain.

Rash riding, careless overtaking, racing and stunting on public roads WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

You may bring any two-wheeler you like as long as it meets the minimum requirements (mentioned below). Don’t worry about your ride being too fast or too slow, we will set up the group ride to accommodate all bike types.

Double-check your bike papers (Registration and Insurance) for validity and ensure that your fuel tank is topped up and tyre pressures are as recommended by the manufacturer. If your tyres are worn out or getting there soon, replace them before the ride. Ensure that all your electricals (lights and horn) are functioning properly. If your bike is found to flout any of these requirements, you may not join the group for the ride.

Please follow the Rules & Regulations that will be put up soon on the group page and reiterated on the day of the event for a safe and enjoyable outing.

We look forward to riding with you soon. Jai Hind!