STARS and their CARS

One of the criterias for judging the coolness quotient of a celebrity,is by their ‘ride’.If you ever end up at bollywood or corporate event and the Guards in their Black suits and headset (trying to emaluate MIB) just brush you aside and you end up watching from the sidelines of the red carpet,then well,you are not in a bad position.As the vehicles drive up the pathway ,you know who is who….

How better celebrities, who like to shout over the rooftops that they have arrived,do it in an easier way other than driving up in a eve candy (of a car).Perhaps it’s the best way possible to judge the personality of a celebrity by the taste of his/her car.

Below are some few selected car crazy celebrities and their machines…..

SALMAN KHAN: the “Dabaang” dude has a taste that matches his physique.To make space for those huge muscles he has always opted for an SUV.It started with a red Maruti Gypsy,which he used in his heydays.Followed by the famous Mitsubishi Pajero,a car that every star in bollywood owned at a point in time.Now “Sallu seems to be quiet content with his Land Cruiser” which can drive over anything (from egos to characters).

AMITABH BACCHAN: Talking about the Big B of the Indian film industry, Amitabh Bachchan, luxuries roll out from his portico in the form of super luxury cars. Some of the fanciest wheels in his porch are Rolls Royce Phantom, BMW, Lexus, and Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Bentley is the car gifted by Amitabh to his son, Abhisekh Bachchan on his 31st birthday.

SANJAY DUTT: A star with star class cars in his garage. He owns and is proud of his black Mercedes that he uses for daily commuting. Then he has a black Lexus that he uses for travelling outside Mumbai and following it a black BMW. Black seems to be his favourite in cars, spreading the demand of black cars among all his fans and well-wishers. Recently he also got a Harley Davidson to enjoy his weekend rides.

DILIP CHAABRIA: He fondly owns an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, a complete package of delicate aggression, flowing lines, and the British elegance. This great designer has also enjoyed wonderful driving experience in other premium executive cars like Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Mercedes-Benz SLK, and BMW 5 Series. What he loved and rejoiced the most is his old Tata Sierra.

MUKESH AMBANI: Having always had a penchant for European cars, Mukesh Ambani owns 168. He favours the Mercedes, the Bentley and the Maybach, his most expensive car to date. He was one of the first people to bring it into the country for an unbelievable Rs 5.25 crore. With seven floors of his new villa reserved only for parking, I need not say anymore about the car craziness that lies somewhere in the powerhouse of a brain.

VIJAY MALLYA: India’s very own symbol of uncompromised flamboyance has a collection of cars that live up to his repute. Wine and Cars, a deadly mix only money can get and who other than the original corporate playboy can tell us stories about? Of course he is the proud owner of the very 1st Indian Formula One team but the Kingfisher has a Pandora’s box when it comes to his car collection, which ranges from 2 Ferraris,3 Jaguars ,2 Mclarens and 2 Rolls Royce and Mercedes each plus many many more…..

Well talking more about celebrity cars can make me drool all day, so I will curb my temptation, kill my thoughts of murdering myself so that I can be their scion in my next life and get back to my 9 to 9 corporate desk job and reality…..

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I am a computer Engineer and auto enthusiast. Learnt to drive on a Mahindra MM540 and currently drives a Maruti Swift and an Hyundai i10.Has tested a range of cars right from Mercedes Benz E220,Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor, Mitsubishi Pajero,Skoda Octavia to name a few. An avid traveller, likes to "fly" on 4 wheels rather than 2 wings...!!!