General Motors Number 1 again

General Motors (GM) has regained its position as the world’s largest car manufacturer in the production of a breakthrough. This was a big surprise after the company faced bankruptcy two years ago.

GM’s sales last year rose 7.6 percent to 9 million units of vehicles. Toyota replaced GM as the world’s top producer in 2008, the marketing target of 7.9 million units in 2011. Number of Toyota products faced production constraints when catastrophic natural occurrence in Japan and Thailand are destroyed their factories and suppliers.

The number of GM’s sales skyrocketed because there are additional marketing undertaken by affiliates in China.

GM rose from bankruptcy in 2009 after getting a bailout of 52 billion U.S. dollars. Since then, GM’s focus has been increasing its stake in some of the market share of the fastest growing industries in the world, as in China and India.

GM ranked as the world’s biggest automaker for more than 70 years, since it passed Ford during the Great Depression.