Goa Weekend Drag race results

The Weekend Drag race held in Goa saw more then 140 participants who raced with each other to prove their driving skills.

The Drag Race was organised by Mandovi Entertainments in association with Team Goa headed by Amul Satoskar.

From Hyundai i10 to the super fast M3 were burning rubber at the drag race. Overall the event saw an overwhelming response and was a great success.

The results of the race:

800 to 1100CC

1) Pravin Varik

2) Anand Pagi.

3) Ubaldo Mascarenhas

1100 to 1300CC

1) Harshavardhan Desai

2) Nitin Divakar

3) Pravin Prabhu

1300 to 1600 CC

1) PP (Prabhanjan Parsekar)

2) Azim Haveri

3) Donovan Vaz

Ladies Class

1) Sanjivini Pandit

2) Grisselda D’Souza

Diesel Class:

1) Nikhil Revodkar

2) Ricky Revodkar

3) Sylvester Dsilva

Indian Open Class

1) Gauriesh Kudalkar

2) Sedrick Fernandes

3) Nadeem Haveri

Foreign Open Class

1) Raul Costa

2) Parag Rao

3) Rajesh Colvalkar

Best Driver : Raul Costa