Goa’s new motorcycle patrols..Robins

To strengthen police presence all over the state and to improve the response to distress calls received at police control rooms (PCR), motorcycle patrols – code named Robins – will now be located at various strategic locations (bases) in Goa. DGP Bhimsen Bassi, while launching the Robins on Monday, said that these motorcycles will also patrol specified areas (beats), and will halt briefly at other important locations (halting points) “for crime prevention and control”.

While pointing out that initially 30 new motorcycles will be introduced for integrated beat patrolling’. police said that these motorcycles will be under the operational control of PCR, “whereas the local police shall have the administrative control”, since the staff for the same will be drawn from the police station. But this move has upset those heading certain police stations, as they complained of being short staffed.

Bassi said, “Police presence is a must. If the policeman is going to lie down in a barrack or sit at a police station, then the response time is going to be slow. It’s a tough job, as they have to be on a motorcycle for eight hours, despite rain, dust, sun and heat.” However, soon after the launch, sources in the police said that the Robins may not be able to walk the talk.

It was pointed out that each Robin is expected to cover about a stretch of 70 to 75 km stretch at least once in a shift almost on a daily basis, while the fuel alloted for every vehicle is 50 litres a month. Sources said that presuming that each motorcycle has a mileage of about 70 km per litre, then within a fortnight the Robins would run out of fuel. But police spokesperson SP A V Deshpande said, “The fuel quota allotted to the Robin vehicles is adequate. In case a situation arises wherein they need more fuel, then the same will be provided.”