Mahinda Scropio: now with Hi-Tech features

Mahindra has launched the Scorpio with more features. The Scorpio now gets 6 new additional features in the Scorpio VLX.

Hi- Tech features

Dual Airbags: In the event of a collision, these dual airbags inflate instantly, protecting you from serious injury.

Twin Pod Instrument Cluster:
The instrument cluster comes just as revamped as the Scorpio itself. It now gets new  sporty dials and new  display.

New Front Speakers: The front speakers come with built-in tweeters. Greatly improving the quality of music. And the drive.

Bluetooth with 2- Din Audio: Connect to your mobile right from the steering wheel. So next time you take a call, let your hands stay on the wheel. And your eyes on the road.

Blue Vision Headlamps: Designed to take the stress out of night driving, Blue Vision bulbs ensure better visibility in the dark. And better looks too.

Speed Alert: Every time you cross a preset speed limit, the Speedalert sounds an alarm, reminding you to slow down.