Honda CR-V caught testing, launch by end of the year

All new Honda CR-V has been caught testing on Indian soil, in Noida where Honda also has its plant. We are expecting the SUV to be launched in India by end of this year or early 2013. We had earlier reported about Honda testing the CR-V in India.

The next generation CR-V made its debut internationally in June, 2011 at the L.A. Auto Show. The all-new fourth-generation CR-V is more advanced in every area, including design, packaging and technology. In addition to the sleek and aerodynamic body, the CR-V features higher fuel economy, enhanced ride comfort and a roomier interior and cargo area for better utility than ever before. Providing exceptional stability in a wide range of driving situations, the CR-V offers peace of mind to every occupant.

With a more compact body than the previous model, the CR-V offers a 225 mm longer interior and a 65 L larger cargo area for enhanced utility and convenience. The 2.4 L CR-V features a more advanced engine and 5-speed automatic transmission. As compared to the previous model, the new model offers 10 kW (20 PS) higher output, thanks to a higher compression ratio and other enhancements, as well as higher fuel economy, thanks to greatly reduced friction.

In India the CR-V will be offered in a 2.4 litre engine initially and later may be offered with a  2 litre petrol engine. The newly developed Real Time All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) features Intelligent Control System for outstanding off-the-line acceleration on slick or snowy roads, exceptional cornering and enhanced stability on slopes (CR-V 24G).

Since its 1995 introduction, over 5 million Honda CR-V automobiles have been sold worldwide cumulatively.

The biggest question: Will the CR-V be launched with a diesel engine?

Honda has just announced its new strategy for the Indian market, and the Brio sedan will be the first to get the diesel engine and will be launched in 2013. We could hopefully expect the CR-V with a diesel engine only in 2014-15.

Image Source: Autocar