Honda may say bye-bye to Accord in India, but why?

Honda India is one of the brand worst hit due to the rising petrol prices in the growing Indian car market. The company does not have a single car with a diesel engine, sales of which have seen treble growth.

Honda has shifted its focus from premium cars to compact cars in the India and now plans to discontinue the Accord sedan. The company had earlier also hinted of discontinuing the Civic sedan. New generations of both the Accord and Civic are already available in the international market. But Honda has no plans to bring it to the Indian market as both are offered in petrol engines only.

The sales of Accord sedan have seen a decline and the vehicle which once sold more than 300 units per month is averaging in the range of 40-50 units per month. The Accord was offered in two engine options, a 2.4 litre and performance packed 3.6 litre. Honda discontinued 3.6 litre engine a few months back.

Accord has also witnessed heavy competition and is losing out to diesel cars in its segment.

Honda sales have seen a slide in the last one year and the company has been trying to push the City sedan and Brio hatch by offering customers huge discounts.