Honda to Begin Sales of All-New CR-V

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that the all-new CR-V would go on sale at dealerships across Japan on December 2. Introduced in 1995, the CR-V pioneered a completely new SUV market with its original combination of car-like ride comfort and exceptional utility. Today, the CR-V is available in 160 countries, with over 500,000 units sold every year worldwide.

India  launch?

We expect the New CR-V to make it to India very soon as the current CR-V is imported from Japan as a CBU. We hope Honda does display the new CR-V at the auto Expo and launch could happen early 2012.

A CR-V diesel is what Honda needs in India if they want to be the segment leader again. With soaring petrol prices, Honda has to launch the diesel CR-V in India.

More on the CR-V

The all-new fourth-generation CR-V is more advanced in every area, including design, packaging and technology. In addition to the sleek and aerodynamic body, the CR-V features higher fuel economy, enhanced ride comfort and a roomier interior and cargo area for better utility than ever before. Providing exceptional stability in a wide range of driving situations, the CR-V offers peace of mind to every occupant.

Joining the 2.4 L four-wheel-drive model is a new 2.0 L front-wheel drive model that offers a combination of best-in-class fuel economy*2 and powerful performance at a reasonable price. Further, all CR-V models qualify for Japan’s eco-car tax incentives.

Since its 1995 introduction, over 5 million CR-V automobiles have been sold worldwide cumulatively.

Key features of CR-V

  • The exterior styling expresses the CR-V’s power and functionality. The front bumper features an aerodynamic shape, and the highly curved rear glass emphasizes the large cargo area while adding further energy to the design.
  • The CR-V demonstrates new attention to the in-vehicle experience and features enhanced driver comfort and more advanced functionality and control. The new center display*4 offers Honda’s latest information functionality, providing a wide range of data in a convenient and easy-to-read format. Supporting smoother control, the center display and other elements of the interior allow the driver to grasp current conditions easily and focus on driving.
  • With a more compact body than the previous model, the CR-V offers a 225 mm longer interior and a 65 L larger cargo area for enhanced utility and convenience (Honda calculations).
  • The 2.0 L front-wheel-drive model offers powerful torque characteristics from the low rpm range upward and exceptional fuel economy, thanks to a 2.0 L i-VTEC engine and a CVT with torque converter that brings out the engine’s best performance. While offering the same off-the-line acceleration and overall acceleration performance as the 2.4 L model, the 2.0 L model features greatly reduced friction in every area and best-in-class*5 fuel economy of 14.4 km/L.*6
  • The 2.4 L CR-V features a more advanced engine and 5-speed automatic transmission. As compared to the previous model, the new model offers 10 kW (20 PS) higher output, thanks to a higher compression ratio and other enhancements, as well as higher fuel economy, thanks to greatly reduced friction.
  • The newly developed Real Time?All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) features Intelligent Control System for outstanding off-the-line acceleration on slick or snowy roads, exceptional cornering and enhanced stability on slopes (CR-V 24G).
  • The easy fold-down 60/40 split rear seat makes accessing the full capability of the cargo area much more convenient than traditional manual folding seats. Each side of the rear seat can automatically fold nearly flat into the front of the cargo area by using one of the small levers located near the tailgate or a pull-strap positioned on the seat side. In addition, thanks to the cargo area’s low and flat design, the rear hatch opening is low to the ground for easy loading and unloading.