Implementation of High Security Registration Plates in Goa

The much awaited arrival of High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) are finally on their way to Goa. The enforcement of these plates on Goan vehicles will make Goa the 3rd state after Meghalaya and Sikkim in the whole country to employ HSRP. These plates are expected to enhance the tracking of vehicles there by posing as an antidode to vehicle related crimes.

The HSRP are also recommended by a technical act 1988 & have been given green signal by the Supreme Court for its implementation.

The HSRP are empowered with 7 security features indeed helping steeling of vehicles, prevent their misuse and trace culprits involved in hit & run accident cases. It will also help against tax evasion at the time of registration & transfers during resale of vehicles besides bringing large unorganised sector of license plate printers under organised sector.

The contract of HSRP is given to M/S Shimnit Ustch India by the state government who are the leading license plate manufactures in the country. The HSRP’s have inherent safety features such as a hot stamped chromium based hologram which will prevent counter feiting, an ingressed IND legend for national identity & standardisation through encryption, a laser etched 9 digit code which will act as a watermark , and cannot be erased and will aid in identification of individual license plates across the country and security inscript, which will be available on the alpha numerals and border, helping to prevent painting or screen printing and protecting against counterfeiting.

A snap lock filter on the rear license plate of the vehicle is also present, which will be self destructive in nature and tamper proof. It also provides immediate and distinguishable identification. A superior grade reflective sheeting (white for non commercial & yellow for commercial vehicles) which will be visible from a minimum 200m & its enhanced visibility will prevent accidents especially during night. It is also backed up by online data which will help to provide real time support to all kinds of vehicles.

All existing vehicles are given a span of 2 years to upgrade to HSRP implementation of license plates. The procedure to be followed for the up gradation is collecting an application form the RTO offices and payment of Rs. 550 for two wheelers and Rs. 1200 for four wheelers.