M&M to enter the motorcycle segment in 2010

The Mahindra & Mahindra group has recently announced that it will enter the motorcycle segment this year with the launch of an in-house developed bike. Sources said, “In 3-4 years’ time, we will be running short of capacity as per our

targets. So, to meet demand then, we have to start working from now to expand our production capacity. The motorcycle has been developed in-house by the group and not much input has been used from the stable of Kinetic, the two-wheeler assets of which were acquired by M&M in 2008. ”

M&M have already launched its gearless scooters in India and have made a successful entry in the two-wheeler market. Mahindra Rodeo and Duro and Mahindra Flyte are three gearless scooters in the market. It entered the segment last year and has recorded successful sales figures.