Interview with Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, MD of DSK Motowheels

GoaOnWheels teams caught up with Mr. Shirish Kulkarni , Managing Director of DSK Motowheels who was down in Goa for the launch of the Hyosung GT250R in Goa, who shared with us some vital details of the upcoming models and strategy for the Indian market.

What are new products expected in the next one year? When will the company launch the GV250 and GV650 in India?

Ans: The GV 650 cruiser will be out by October or November. Followed by GV 250 cruiser by March-April 2013

Will Hyosung launch mass products in the Indian market?

Ans: Yes, there are plans to launch a whole new India specific 125cc & 150cc commuter bikes from Hyosung. Designs will be completely new & suited to Indian Market. Focus will be on efficiency & looks. Will be single pot mills. Expected to get launched by 2014 end or by early 2015. Mr. Kulkarni will be visiting Korea soon to have a word with S&T motors about plans to roll India specific bikes.

When will the local manufacturing start in India?

Ans: DSK has invested 300 crore in setting up of a new plant where the planned 125 & 150cc bike will be manufactured followed by GT 250R also. The plant will tak almost 1.5-2yrs to get functional ie around 2014 & the bikes will start rolling out by end of 2014 or early 2015.

Is DSK planning to launch India specific bikes?

Ans: Yes, the bikes will be in the range of 125cc & 150cc bikes

What is the target for to sell this year?

Ans: For 2012-2013 fiscal year DSK Hyosung expects to sell 3000units of GT 250R & combined 350-400units of GT 650R/ GT 650N/ ST 7

Hyosung also plans to launch the 2012 version of GT650R superbike in India. The bike will get mere cosmetic upgrades and the company has worked on reducing the vibrations.

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