Maruti Suzuki opens Manesar plant

Maruti Suzuki opens Manesar plantAfter being closed for exactly a month, Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar plant was opened today amid high security which included around 100 Maruti’s own security force compromising of ex service men.

Around 1200 Police personal which included around 500 from India Reserve Battalion (IRB) were seen guarding the plant which has off late become an fortress for Maruti as it churns out one of the most successful cars in India namely the Swift and the Swift Dzire.

The closure of the plant has badly affected the sales of the Swift and Dzire. Whats even worse are the long waiting periods on these cars for the customers who have already booked their cars. The opening of the Manesar plants bring a sigh of relief to all such customers and also the prospective buyers. Though open, Manesar plant is not fully functional yet, 400 workers operate in a single shift and initially, around 150 cars are expected to be rolled out every day as opposed to 1,500 to 1,700 cars which were produced on a daily basis before the closure of the plant.

Maruti Suzuki has decided to terminate services of 500 permanent workers and is also planning to remove another 500 contract workers who were involved in the July 18 violence which lead to the death of one and injured around 100 and it seems like it will take some time for normally to return. However, Maruti Suzuki is planning on increasing the production gradually.

The company will start fresh recruitment of permanent workers from September 2 and the existing contract workers will also be considered for the same. This not only means good news for the contract workers but it also means that Maruti will be able to speed up the production at a much higher pace, which it desperately needs as it is losing out to rivals who have made merry of the opportunity arised due to non availability of Swift and Dzire models from Maruti.

Image Source: The Hindu

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