JLR Version of Tata Aria

Tata Motors which launched the Aria crossover on the 11th October had send a vehicle to JLR for finishing. We all assumed that JLR would give inputs to improve the Aria. The truth behind this was that, JLR had worked on the interiors of the Aria and had pumped in some few more accessories.

The version is Pride Executive and sports the same 2.2 Dicor engine.

On the exterior side the Pride Executive boasts 19” alloy wheels, Lago grey roof colour, black front wheel arch aperture, front bumper chin and rear bumper with lago grey colour. On the interior side, it gets Alpaca leather wrapped dashboard centre, steering wheel, door trim and parking brake handle.

It also gets Alpaca leather seat covers and door inserts. Twin DVD screens found usually on high end cars are also available along with picnic tables integrated behind the front two wheels.

Well the bad news  is that this will be a one of car and won’t be on sale.

Check out more images of the JLR Version of Tata Aria