Mahindra Great Escape concludes in Goa

The 61st and for the 5th consecutive time in Goa, “Mahindra Great Escape” rally happened on the  20th August.

The event as always had large number of participants with their sturdy Mahindra 4-wheelers prepared to take over the tuff and the unbeaten roads. After the registration formalities were completed the participants were provided with participation number stickers, T-Shirts and breakfast.

The event began at around 9:30 am with a common briefing for all the participants to help them finish the entire course of the rally with less trouble and more fun. A route guiding map was also provided by the organisers. Unlike last year from Porvorim the rally this time was flagged of from Club Mahindra holidays resort at Varca.

The leg 1 of the rally was just pain tarmac, but the action started to begin from leg 2 with some water crossing just behind Cuncolim police station. Leg two continued till the industrial estate area around Cuncolim. Well known people from the Goan automotive industry also made their presence felt. Mr. Oliver who runs “Service Inn” which is also Goa’s best body shop and paint booth, displayed sensible and easier ways of taking the tuff surfaces.

The New dealer for Mahindra Passenger cars and Light commercial vehicle, “Mukhtar Automobiles” (SMG Group) also had their team which showcased some action.

Leg 4 was “forbidden for the week” sort of a route. With most of this leg through the toughest terrain of the day was a surely a challenge. All the participants also got their machines a great wash with some muck, and it did look cool in away. The last leg was to the end of the route which was at the Club Mahindra Holidays. The after the rally the event was concluded with a lunch (late lunch in the evening) and with thanks giving from the Mahindra family.

A team Supporting the cause of Anna Hazare was also there.. The Mahindra Great Escape is Goa started and ended at Club Mahindra, Varca which was a total distance of 55kms across South Goa.

And if u dint make it this time, u can always groom your skills for the next time in 2012.

A Special thanks to Vibhav Sawant for covering the event.

-Article and pics by Vibhav Sawant

More action packed photos coming soon…

40 plus pics of the Mahindra Great Escape in Goa…..