Mahindra Reva launch e2o, starts at Rs. Rs.5.96 lacs

Mahindra e2o

Mahindra launched its first new product under the Mahindra Reva joint venture, the all new e2o. The Mahindra e2o is  a manifestation of Mahindra’s vision of the ‘Future of Mobility’ which encompasses the ‘5Cs’ framework of Clean, Convenient, Connected, Clever and Cost Effective vehicle technology. This could well shape the way people commute in the 21st century.

What does e2o mean?

The Mahindra e2o has been named keeping in mind the overall Mahindra Reva philosophy of “inspired by orange to go green” for sustainable living. The ‘e’ in Mahindra e2o stands for the energy of the Sun which is abundant and clean. The ‘2’ pronounced as ‘to’ signifies the connected technologies in the car, while ‘o’, represents ‘Oxygen’, the life force that sustains all of our existence on Planet Earth.

Powered by lithium–ion batteries and a 3 phase induction electric motor; the Mahindra e2o is fully automatic and designed mainly for city driving. The car comes with one of the smallest turning radius of just 3.9 metres which helps makes every sharp turn a delight.

With Special dent and scratch resistant ABS body panels the e2o is designed by noted designer DC. The design may not really appeal to many, but the features and technology the vehicle is offered simply makes it a wonderful car.  The electric car can pack in four comfortably and has a driving range of 100 kms per charge.

Loads of Technology

Mahindra has packed in loads of technology and it has multiple industry leading firsts to its credit. With 10 on board computers, the Mahindra e2o provides real time feedback of all the vehicle’s functions does a daily heart beat check of the vital systems and sends alerts if anything has to be fixed,

Apart from telling you that your Mahindra e2o is locked or that the cabin is at a pre-set temperature with the air conditioning turned on, the Mahindra e2o is also capable of telling you that you have forgotten to switch on the mains to charge the car, in spite of plugging it in. Furthermore, this intelligent EV is capable of monitoring how efficiently you drive and can even provide details of your drive efficiency over the past six days in graphical form. The Mahindra e2o congratulates you when you achieve 100% driving efficiency and also give tips on improving the efficiency.

The entire genesis of this is the control interface for the vehicle, which can be made available on any smartphone device by merely downloading an application. The application then gives the customer the power to remotely manage several functions of the Mahindra e2o.

For example the smartphone application can help lock the car by simply sending it a lock command and activate the car’s air-conditioning remotely. The trip planner in the application integrates the distance to empty information from the Mahindra e2o into the maps and help plan each journey with the current charge.

Just 5 hours to charge

Customers can now literally plug in their Mahindra e2o’s to charge, like they would their cell phones, laptops or tablets. It is as easy as that – since the Mahindra e2o can charge from any 15A power socket available in any home. With just 5 hours required for fully charging your Mahindra e2o – your trusted car will be ready to be driven over 100 kms, more than enough for the average daily commute.

With the patented REVive® technology there are no more range anxieties. In the rare event of running low on charge, you can use the app on the smart phone to remotely activate the reserve energy that can get you going again.

Key Safety Technologies:

  • High strength steel space frame construction that cocoons the occupants
  • Colour impregnated, dent resistant polymer body panels
  • ISOFIX child seat mount with ALR seat belts
  • Adjustable head rests for all 4 seats
  • Large front crumple zone
  • Dual side impact beams
  • Hood designed for pedestrian impact safety
  • Batteries under seat, ensuring a low center of gravity

The e2o is available in two variants: T0 priced at Rs. 595,415 and T2 Rs. 624,862 (on-road Delhi, post state subsidy)

Mahindra Reva has also worked hard to create a sustainable technology ecosystem for EV’s, proof of which is the host of technologies created by the company, inspired directly by its vision of the future of mobility. The ‘Sun2Car’ technology, which has been developed through the creation of personal solar charging units, provides the user with sufficient energy to power an EV for life, making it a very cost-effective mobility solution.