Mahindra & Yamaha India to tie up in two-wheeler business

Well me don’t know either should I cry or should be happy about it. Mahindra & Yamaha India to tie up in two-wheeler business, yes you heard it right.

In a move that is being seen as Mahindra & Mahindra’s aggressive comeback, the company is looking to tie up with Yamaha India in the two-wheeler segment.

The partnership is believed to be a technical tie-up from M&M’s end as the company lacks technology for the two wheeler business. Yamaha on the other hand is looking to gain from M&M’s distribution and dealership network.

Well its nothing new, Mahindra has always been lacking on the technological side though the company is working very hard to improve its brand. But why the hell on earth is Yamaha tying up with Mahindra. What Yamaha needs is not a distribution partner, but a good strategy in India to push sales, some good economy class motorcycles and scooters and the most important is the service which has to be stretched to all parts of India.

The deal is believed to be ready for closure in the next six to eight months.

Well hope Yamaha learns something from Renault who lost a beautiful platform in the form of Logan.