Maruti unveils the much awaited SX4 Diesel

Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited, today unveiled its much awaited SX4 Diesel. The SX4 Diesel is cleaner and more fuel efficient than all comparable cars in its class and will be offered in three variants: VDi; ZDi and ZDi (with leather upholstery).

The Super Turbo DDiS engine mounted on the SX4, delivers 90PS of peak power at 4000rpm. The engine offers a maximum torque of 200Nm at 1750rpm, which is comparable to higher capacity engines in competing cars. To the customer this implies excellent response and acceleration. The high torque at lower rpm levels makes SX4 Diesel highly suited for city driving conditions as well. At the same time, the Super Turbo engine, with a linear acceleration curve, provides a consistent and smooth drive.

Snapshot of Super Turbo DDiS engine

Max Power : 90PS @ 4000rpm

Max Torque : 200Nm @ 1750rpm

4 in-line cylinders

Compression ratio : 17.6

The SX4 Diesel offers an impressive fuel efficiency of 21.5 Kilometres per litre (certified as per CMVR rules). This is 8 per cent more than comparable cars.

This is the first car in the country to be certified as ‘OBD-2’ compliant. OBD refers to On Board Diagnostics. OBD-2 informs the customer of any malfunction in the emission control system which may be leading to undue increase in exhaust emissions.

At the launch, Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director & CEO, Maruti Suzuki said, “SX4 with a Diesel engine is one of the most attractive cars in the upper A3 segment. With the changed urban landscape, suburbs have become an integral part of cities and people travel long distances. The new age diesel technology as offered by the SX4 Super Turbo Diesel is high on power and performance while being low on emissions. SX4 Diesel offers an economical and punchier ride.”

Expressing confidence in the SX4 Diesel he added, “We expect the SX4 diesel to repeat the success of our other diesel offerings and strengthen the Maruti Suzuki portfolio”.

In the last four years, Maruti Suzuki has mounted diesel engines on Swift, Dzire and Ritz. All of them have been runaway successes. The SX4 Super Turbo expands and strengthens the Maruti Suzuki portfolio.

Incidentally, SX4 is the only popular sedan in the country to sport petrol, CNG and now a diesel variant.

Innovations, big and small, help to enhance the life of the engine, provide instant power and reduce emissions in the SX4 Diesel.